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Curtin University

 Current research

URBANET: the future of cities and regions

URBANET is a network of researchers with interests including city planning, urban design, regional planning, transport planning, sustainability, and governance.

The research hub is based within the School of Built Environment and is led by Professor Carey Curtis. The network is structured around four Communities of Interest, each coordinated by a Research Leader:

  • Planning - led by Dr Courtney Babb
  • Governance - led by Dr Diana MacCallum
  • Urban - Rural Interface - led by Dr Amanda Davies
  • Placemaking - led by Reena Tiwari

The network links to a wider group of researchers based at Curtin and across Australia.

The researchers in this network are actively engaged in responsive research with industry and government with the objective to produce new knowledge and understandings for policy and community within the context of sustainability.


  • 'Unlocking the potential for working closer to home' - A research grant awarded to the Urbanet team (Davies, Curtis and Babb) by the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre will enable a one year study to identify policy settings required to support local neighbourhood based shared-working-spaces, telecommuting and home-working. This Urbanet project examines the barriers and opportunities for increasing the number of people able to work closer to their home in both regional and metropolitan Western Australia.
  • The SNAMUTS team with WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff have been engaged by City of Perth to conduct an accessibility analysis of public transport including scenarios to 2050.