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 Current research

URBANET: the future of cities and regions

URBANET is a network of researchers with interests including city planning, urban design, regional planning, transport planning, sustainability, and governance.

The research hub is based within the School of Built Environment and is led by Professor Carey Curtis. The network is structured around four Communities of Interest, each coordinated by a Research Leader:

  • Planning - led by Dr Courtney Babb
  • Governance - led by Dr Diana MacCallum
  • Urban - Rural Interface - led by Dr Amanda Davies
  • Placemaking - led by Reena Tiwari

The network links to a wider group of researchers based at Curtin and across Australia.

The researchers in this network are actively engaged in responsive research with industry and government with the objective to produce new knowledge and understandings for policy and community within the context of sustainability.


  • Accessibility Tools in Planning Practice | Professor Carey Curtis
    Professor Carey Curtis will visit the Transport Studies Unit at Oxford University in May to give a seminar entitled "Accessibility Tools in Planning Practice" where she will will demonstrate how the SNAMUTS tool (Spatial Network Analysis for Multimodal Urban Transport Systems) has succeeded in creating the right conditions for both town planners and transport planners to discuss potential urban futures framed around a greater role for public transport. View full details

  • Are we ready for driverless cars on Australian roads? (RN, 4 May 2017)
    Learn more about our research project with the University of Melbourne which focuses on how transport agencies are managing the introduction of autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies with a focus on policy goals, integration with other modes, procurement and regulation. As a pilot project, the research includes interviews with key policy players in AV technologies together with an engagement workshop with key stakeholders. Project team: Prof Carey Curtis and Dr Jan Scheurer at Curtin; Dr John Stone, Dr Crystal Legacy, Mr David Ashmore at University of Melbourne. Listen to our RN broadcast

  • 'We must plan the driverless city to avoid being hostage to the technology revolution' (The Conversation, 28 April 2017)
    Professor Carey Curtis and Dr Jan Scheurer from the School of Built Environment comment on the number of autonomous car trials in Australia. Read more

  • A new international sourcebook about urban public transportation networks has recently been published by Urbanet's SNAMUTS team. The book, entitled "Planning for Public Transport Accessibility: An international sourcebook", adds substantial analytical and theoretical perspectives to the international discourse about public transport network planning. Urbanet's SNAMUTS multimodal network analysis tool has been applied to a broad range of international destinations, enabling rich comparison between cities by old world–new world; public transport modes; governance approach and urban development constraints. The book is arranged along six themes that address the different planning challenges cities confront. Richly illustrated with maps and diagrams, this volume acts as a comprehensive sourcebook of accessibility indicators and a snapshot of current policy making around the world in the realm of strategic planning for land use transport integration and the growth of public transport. It provides a deeper understanding of the complexity, opportunities and challenges of twenty-first-century accessibility planning.