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Curtin University

Coastal and near marine shore activities study

Land based recreational activities in urban areas are relatively well regulated, planned and managed - this allows for a mostly coordinated useage of the public open spaces in Perth which controls the level of conflict over potentially conflicting uses. However, this is less the case for activities carried out in coastal and near marine shore areas, and this study will address this lack of coordination by firstly compiling an inventory of existing agency plans, documents, policies, events etc relating to the coastal and near marine shore areas. This will be followed by several detailed case studies of the policy and uses of the coastal and near-shore marine area where all users and stakeholders will be identified and, by working collaboratively with these users and stakeholders, and using a pressure-state-response model, identify pressures and propose suitable policy and management responses. The methodology developed for the case studies will be applied for the remainder of the metropolitan area.

Research team

Dr Garry Middle (leader) and Rebecca Scherini, both from Curtin.