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Curtin University

Efficiency and effectiveness of environmental impacts assessment in WA

This study examined the timeliness/efficiency of the Western Australian EIA process. Whilst little quantitative data exist on this issue, criticism of the EIA process for being too long and costly is a constant theme. Eighty-eight completed EIAs were considered. Times for the six key phases of the EIA process were reported, with the longest phase being the production of the EIS. Data were not available to examine the time taken for each of the three discreet steps that make up this phase, although some questions were posed as the basis for follow-up work. A key question that emerged from looking at the times of this phase and the next two longest phases is how important is scoping in determining any unforseen delays in EIAs? The importance of EIA effectiveness was noted but not included in this study.

Research team

Dr Garry Middle Curtin University