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Australian Migration to Bali


More than 10,000 Australia’s regard their main home to be in Bali. There is limited information on the factors underpinning this recent and large migration of Australian residents to Bali, Indonesia.

Further, there is very little information about the demographic characteristics of the Australian expatriate population and the livelihood strategies they are adopting in Bali. This study examines the demographic and livelihood characteristics of the Australian expatriate population in Bali. The project examines if, when undertaking a move to Bali, Australian expatriates are employing a deliberate strategy to utilise their existing financial resources and social networks to gain a lifestyle they perceive would not be available to them if they were to remain in Australia.

This study is partly funded by RUSSIC.

Research Leaders: Dr. Amanda Davies and Dr Aileen Hoath.


Davies, A. and Hoath A., (2015). The Migration of Australians to Bali: More than Retirees and Surfers. Geographical Research. Available on Earlyview.

Hoath, A. and Davies, A. (accepted, March 2015). International Long Distance Commuting in the Resources Sector: What are the Socio-Economic Implications when Resource Workers Choose to Work in Australia but Live in Another Country? In Halsm-McKenzie, F. (editor) Labour force Mobility in the Australian Resources Industry: Socio-Economic and Regional Impacts, Springer.