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Curtin University


CATCH (Children, Travel, Health and the Built Environment project) gathered data on children's travel from nine schools around Australia. One component was the collection of 3.5 million GPS points, documenting the movements of 274 students over four days. The CATCH GIS project is analysing the GPS data in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to provide detailed metrics on where and when the children moved in their urban environments, and to add value to the travel diaries and other information collected by CATCH.

The analysis will quantify trips missed by the travel diaries, as well as trips missed by the GPS. The combination of the two data sources, together with the overlay of land use information, will provide a valuable data source for probing travel behaviours.

Research Team

Prof Carey Curtis, Curtin University; Assoc. Prof Matthew Burke, Griffith University; Mr Dave Robertson, Curtin University and Dr Courtney Babb, Curtin University.