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Independent mobility, active travel and children’s health


The iMATCH project investigates the role of policy interventions in influencing children’s independent mobility, active travel and health. The project uses an inter-disciplinary approach to survey children in a series of matched neighbourhoods, based around primary schools, where policy interventions exist and where they do not. The research uses an audit of the environmental features of neighbourhoods and policy interventions used, surveys of children and their parents exploring their travel and outdoor play and their attitudes and perceptions towards travel, as well as objective measurement of children’s
activities using a combined accellerometry and GPS approach.

Research Team: at Curtin – Carey Curtis; Chris Armit; Courtney Babb, Oscar Thomson in collaboration with: Dr. Matthew Burke at Griffith University; Dr. Mitch Duncan at Central Queensland University; Assoc. Prof. Carolyn Whitzman at University of Melbourne; Dr. Paul Tranter at University of New South Wales (ADFA at Canberra) and industry partners Merri Community Health Services Limited; Queensland Health; Queensland Transport.


Publications & Presentations

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