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Perth’s Rural Diversification Planning Strategy: Towards Agri-Precincts in Peri-Urban Perth

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Peri-urban Perth is home to 32% of Perth’s population and is the food arc for Greater Perth. It is a highly dynamic environment with a complex mix of economic and social activities and extends over a physically variable land area.

Peri-urban Perth is home to nature reserves, productive agricultural and horticultural land, water reserves, retail precincts, new and establish housing estates, small rural landholdings, transit corridors and industrial precincts, amongst other land uses. It is also an area that is particularly rich in historical and cultural value.

As Perth moves towards supporting a population of 3.5 million, careful consideration needs to be given to enhancing the social, economic and environmental sustainability of Perth’s food arc.

The outward expansion of mid and high density housing into Peri-urban Perth has generated considerable land use conflict.

This project focuses on identifying opportunities for progressing the long-term sustainable development of the Peri-urban area, taking into account the needs of the Greater Western Australian population and economy.

This study is being conducted in partnership with Regional Development Australia – Perth.

Research Leader: Dr. Amanda Davies