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Discursive and Institutional Barriers to Environmental Sustainability


Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (2004-2007).

This research aimed to find out what is involved in sustainability coming to influence the planning and development of cities when public policy is organised by other rationales. The purpose of the project was to analyse and explain how structures of reasoning together with institutions and actor networks persistently influence the decisions of politicians and bureaucrats to create barriers to the adoption of a new paradigm. We examined how story lines are structured and inter-related and how they function to coordinate action around particular policy settings. The focus was on 50 years of transport policy in three Australian cities: Sydney; Melbourne and Perth.

Research team: at Curtin – Carey Curtis (leader); Carlindi Holling (part); Melanie Montgomery (part); Diane Daze; at Melbourne – Nicholas Low; Emma Rush (part); Rachel Anstle (part); at Griffith – Brendan Gleeson.


Curtis C, Low N (2012) Institutional Barriers for Sustainable Transport Ashgate, Aldershot [ISBN 978-0-7546-7692-8]